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Ford Bronco exposition

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The marketing landscape has experienced a seismic shift. Lines have blurred, channels have crossed, and rules no longer exist. The new marketing and retail matrix has become the wild, wild west. That's why we've made it our mission to help brands navigate this new frontier to secure their best future by making Meaningful Moves.

Ford Bronco invitational rally event

Relaunching a legend by tapping its culture.

Bronco is back!  To help relaunch this iconic brand, Ford turned to Public Label to bring the new Bronco to life with Bronco enthusiast, over-landing, and lifestyle audiences while providing future owners their first look at Bronco. Our experiential events put the Bronco in its natural environment where enthusiasts could experience the new heartbeat of Bronco like never before.

75% of attendees shared the event.
95% raised their hand to learn more.
88% said they were likely to purchase a Bronco.
31% reserved a Bronco on the spot.

Additionally, Public Label developed a post-event CRM campaign to keep the conversations and conversions going.  Meaningful Moves That Mattered!

Moet Hennessy NBA Event

Mixing the perfect cocktail of sports and culture.

Our challenge was to create an experience that differentially leveraged the new partnership between Hennessy and the NBA that would increase brand awareness and engagement amongst members of the trade and key influencers. Public Label designed Hennessy All-Stars Tournament, a private and invite-only event where key trade players and influencers competed in a charity style tournament. Premium basketball experiences, NBA themed cocktails, NBA player appearances and live music rounded out the event.

• 33% increase in local sales
• Additional trade buy-in
• Significant social media impressions
Meaningful Moves That Mattered!

Adidas soccer event

Creating a grass roots movement for adidas.

Public Label launched adidas Tango League, an entire community and live tournament platform that brought cultural partners in music, art, and fashion together. adidas already had their Tango clothing line. The Tango League gave it a bigger purpose. We’re turning kids into sports heroes by giving rise to adidas and the game’s popularity in urban environments across LA, NYC, and the nation. Sometimes the best way to promote a brand is to change the world!

Tango League events helped drive awareness and strongly contributed to a 58% increase in sales among younger consumers. Meaningful Moves That Mattered!

Haagen Dazs Ice cream

Marketing a portfolio of brands together.

Growing an ice cream portfolio the size of Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream's (Haagen-Dazs, Dreyer's/Edy's, Drumstick, Outshine and Skinny Cow) can be challenging, but finding the right insight and voice can accelerate even the largest of brands. One keen human thread bound all 5 brands in the portfolio, people wanted “little WOW” moments throughout their week and so was born “Have Happy on Hand”!  This campaign idea tied 5 brands, 3 personas, 10+ shopper motivations together across 26 retailers.
• 4th year running
• 8%
CAGR behind Have Happy on Hand
• #1
- Captured category share leadership for first time ever
Meaningful Moves That Mattered!  

Omni is the ONLY channel.

The industry likes to define agencies with old channel definitions like Consumer, Experiential or Shopper.  We're a new breed of agency who believes OMNI is the only channel that matters and have built Public Label to meet audiences wherever, whenever and however they'd like, enabling deeper brand resonance and amplified conversion.  

Welcome to the art of OMNI Marketing!

AMP model

Our proven framework for amplifying growth

AIM: Sharpen Relevance
Articulate the brand’s reason for being, growth objective(s), and target audiences.

MAGNETIZE: Deepen Resonance
Fusing of audience Motivations & cultural Movements to create messaging and creative that simply hits harder.

PROPEL: Drive Outcomes
Optimize the channel, trade strategy, and omni mix to amplify conversion

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