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You Go Gurley Runs Away With the Fantasy Football Championship

The You Go Gurley’s managed by Alison Romer have won the 2020 Public Label Fantasy Football league. Alison had little trouble on her way to the championship. A bye in the first round set up a semi-final vs. Team Pollocks, who she defeated 163-106. This set up the finals where she defeated Jerad Murphy’s, Mt. Murphtombo’s 153-134.

The You Go Gurley’s got off to a hot start in this final’s matchup. Alvin Kamara (NWO-RB) crushed his weekly projection by scoring 6 TDs vs. the Vikings and racking up a total of 55 fantasy points. If that wasn’t a big enough lead heading into games on Sunday, Las Vegas Raiders TE Darren Waller, who has been a top tier option all season long continued his Pro Bowl season by scoring 16pts (112 yds receiving), while recent free agent acquisition Jeff Wilson Jr. (SF-RB) surprised fantasy owners with 27pts (183 yds rushing).

Mt. Murphtombo mounted a valiant comeback effort with championship level performances from Mike Evans, David Montgomery and then a Monday night to remember from Josh Allen to make the final respectable. The point total would have been good for a win most other weeks, but not week 16.

The You Go Gurley’s left the teams namesake (Todd Gurley ATL-RB) on the bench, as well as the 30pts from Michael Gallup (DAL-WR). This would normally cost a manager their job and the win, however the all-time fantasy performance from Kamara saved Alison and gave her bragging rights around the office.

Congrats Alison and we look forward to our next office fantasy competition.

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