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Shower a new dad with love

Art Director Shaun Reuter has not only had to deal with the pandemic, but also becoming a new father. He and his wife recently welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world. A note from Dad,

Hunter Thomas Reuter was born on 9/10/20, weighing 8lbs, 1oz. and is 21.5 inches tall. 

We enjoy taking long naps, not sleeping when we should be, walking the dog, and stroller rides through the park to get mom out of the house. 

The two-week paternity leave for Dads with newborns was extremely helpful – and almost unheard of these days, especially for dads in the workplace. 

We look forward to the day when we can finally introduce our son more openly to our friends and family. And doing things we used to take for granted, like going to concerts and flying home to Illinois to visit my family. 

We look forward to Hunter joining on video calls soon. Congrats Shaun!