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Public Label’s Matt Rader shares insights on Group Nine’s recent product box launch

Last week, Group Nine launched a BOX’d campaign with its PopSugar and Seeker properties and LEGO. Sweepstakes winners will receive a box with items for hands-on activities for kids and parents. Group Nine’s 20th box, which will debut before the end of year, is in partnership with Velveeta.

Our very own Matt Rader, svp of integrated marketing & analytics, commented saying that “This is like a curated care package, where somebody cared enough to curate and put this together in a thoughtful and meaningful way,” Rader said. The nostalgia triggered in people by receiving boxes like these in the mail offers brands “an emotional value between a consumer and a brand, which can’t be replicated… a consumer can touch, feel, and engage with this in a real way, and there’s a lot of currency in these exchanges at this time when people are at home and not able to have experiences,” he said.

The sweepstakes element of the BOX’d program opens up brands to “opt-in sampling, under the guise of the sweepstakes,” Rader said. For a brand, the hope is that the people who receive the boxes become “evangelists” and tell friends and family about the items they sampled, he said.

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