One on One

elaina jumper

This week we caught up with Elaina Jumper.

“The people. Everyone has been amazing”

Q: What do you do at Public Label?
A: I’m a senior art director working (/worked) on OZO, FUJI, Verizon, Feed America, Dreyers, Near East and OMRON.

Q: What do you like the most about Public Label?
A: The people. Everyone has been amazing at helping each other and getting to know the other creatives has been a great experience, despite the strange digital conditions.

Q: If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be?
A: Can I be the President and I might need longer than a week?

Q: What is one fun fact about yourself?
A: Oh man, I am awful at questions like this. Maybe…I started retouching images when I was a teenager to make fake I.Ds for my friends so we could get into bars. To be clear, I don’t do that anymore.

Q: Tips for anyone looking to get into your line of work?
A: Surround yourself with people you admire.

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