One on One

delaney brough

This week we catch up with Delaney Brough.

“Working from home means my desk space is smaller, but the coffee pot is closer!”

Q: What do you do at Public Label?
A: As an Account Manager, fostering strong client relationships is critical in my role. By developing an understanding of our client’s business objectives and values, I can help ensure that we are developing programs that fulfill those objectives.  In my role, I act as a liaison between the client and our Strategic and Creative Teams, managing expectations and deliverables, and keep timelines and budgets on track. 

Q: What do you like most about Public Label?
A: I get to wear many different hats and I love the variety in my day.

Q: Give us a one-line bio of yourself.
A: Relationship builder and shoe shopper

Q: What is your best work from home habit you’ve learned? Any tips/tricks for the future of working from home?
A: I’ve actually developed a great routing of waking up a bit earlier to go for a walk before I start working, Sitting in a small apartment all day can feel a bit stifling, but I found that exercise in the morning really clears my mind and starts my day off right.  I even participated in a fundraising challenge in September, hitting 200KM walked for the month.  I’m hopeful I can keep this habit going through the winter months.  Wish me luck!

Q: What have you missed most/least about not being in the office?
A: I’ve missed going to lunch with coworkers and connecting with them! I haven’t missed the commute.

Q: What are you reading or watching?
A: I just finished reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I just started the second season of The Boys, I recommend you do too!

Q: Advice you’d give yourself six months from now…
A: Continue to leave time for yourself, to enjoy the hobbies and interests that you love.