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Diversity & Inclusion survey results & initial actions

A diversity and inclusion survey went out to all employees and based on the responses received, here are a few initiatives the D&I committee is starting on immediately:

• Working with both HR and Strategy to create process systems that will detect and remove unconscious bias for recruiting process and brief response process. 

• Career development will be a priority at Public Label and will include mentorship, coaching programs educational resources and annual reviews that will all be monitored, measured and reviewed.

• D&I & Edge team agency wide development programming with specific focus on Diversity and Inclusion. The D&I Team and Edge will focus on agency wide training on topics such as Empathy, Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, Gender barriers and community involvement. The trainings can be customized by location based on key focus areas from the survey.

• The Business Development, Strategy, and Account teams will be responsible for reviewing our best practices guide to look for unconscious bias in client briefs, staffing programs, etc.

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