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City of Sturgis Unveils New Brand Identity for Motorcycle Rally Created by Public Label

South Dakota’s City of Sturgis, best known for its annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – the largest motorcycle rally in the world – is spreading its wings with a new look and feel that represents the future of the Rally while immortalizing its heritage as it ushers in a new wave of riders.

Created by our in house creative team at Public Label, the rebrand elements include a flagship logo that serves as the universal symbol of the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally; two evolving subsidiary logos intended to mark the 81st and 82nd annual events; and a new tagline: “The Ride. The Roar. The Rally.”

“Baby Boomers largely shaped current Rally culture but are increasingly putting their kickstands down for longer or permanent periods,” said Eric Moncaleano, ECD, North America at Public Label. “With Gen Y & Z driving modern motorcycle culture, we wanted to find a way to rebrand the Rally with the right balance of nostalgia and inclusiveness so that it appeals to all age groups and rider types. The result is a modern and simple brand mark that celebrates the Rally’s roots with an eye towards the future that we believe will propel this iconic brand and festival forward.”

The new logo is infused with meaning. The open wings symbolize freedom. The “S” found within the icon represents the winding roads throughout the Hills and also the community of Sturgis. The wings double as exhaust pipes and the lateral lines denote the cooling fins of a cylinder. The mark also resembles an eagle, with its head facing forward (the future) and its tail backwards (the past), connecting the generations of Rally-goers with open wings.

“Sturgis is the largest and most famous motorcycle rally in the world with an amazing legacy and landmarks like historic Main Street, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse National Memorial and Devil’s Tower Monument,” said Rally Director Jerry Cole from Sturgis. “It’s a rider’s dream. The new brand identity Public Label created represents freedom, the American spirit, the Black Hills and motorcycles. We’re thrilled to have partnered with them to help bring this vision to life as Sturgis soars into its next 80 years.”

The logo will be used on all print and digital materials, as well as merchandise for the Rally including future partnerships and co-branded items. The 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place August 6-15, 2021.

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