Flo’s Chop Shop

When a Moustache
becomes a handlebar

Posers have no business riding on Panheads. And anyone who knows bikes will call them out in a heartbeat. The same goes if you’re a brand and you try to dip your toe into the boots of bikers. Especially at rallies. Progressive Insurance didn’t want to show up at these events just to crash and burn. So, we found a way to make them one of the pack.

We created Flo’s Chop Shop. A pop-up barbershop created just for bikers to get rally ready. It wasn’t just a place where women can clean up their fingernails and men can get the grime out of their beards. It gave Progressive an invitation to set up camp and talk to people. Because rallies aren’t just a place to park your bike, they’re the biggest parties in America – and you need to look your best.

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