celebrating inclusiveness
and belonging

Toronto’s summer festival season is big business for ride sharing companies. For a brand like Lyft, who has always been second fiddle to Uber, they needed to stand out, beginning with PRIDE Toronto, the very first festival of the season.

Lyft wanted to do more than fly the PRIDE colours, they wanted to be a part of a cultural movement. Not just for the PRIDE celebration but for their company and customers. To launch how Lyft recognizes all identities on their ride sharing app, they launched an inclusive campaign at the PRIDE festival, ‘TWO IS TOO FEW’

We gained over 1M impressions and had more than 2100 active engagements.  Over 350 new Lyft users downloaded the app and 900 existing users took advantage of the special promo code. Better yet, Lyft received great feedback about its progressiveness due to our updating pronouns on the app, which is priceless for this audience.

Tapping into PRIDE’s roots, we updated the theme with a new twist: “Two is too few”, which celebrated inclusiveness for all gender identities. A remarkable float with celebrity DJs and other influencers and an art installation activation at street level invited attendees to add their own proclamation describing how they would like to be seen. Partnering with a local HIV/AIDS hospice,

Lyft giveaways were tied to promotional codes, offering a discount on a user’s next ride.

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