go go squeez

GoGo where no one
has gone before

The pouched fruit category is a tough place for a brand to play. It’s a crowded space that doesn’t see a lot of fresh thinking. Everyone says the same thing. It was time for a new purpose, a new plan. It was time for this pouch to punch things up and put the GoGo Squeez on the competition.

Get A Grip On Life

Today’s families are a busy bunch, but parents still yearn for their kids to have fun. They know the importance of the daydream, the adventure of imagination and the personal growth and development that comes with true and frivolous free time. So, we made GoGo Squeez the unofficial sponsor of whatever kids want to do or be. Free to Be. It’s an unconventional purpose that allowed the brand to start living outside of the constraints of commoditized functional benefits in order to celebrate new growth and a deeper connection for its users.

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